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Hip Procedures

  • Total Hip ReplacementTotal Hip Replacement

    Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cartilage and bone are removed from the hip joint and replaced with artificial components. The main indication for total hip replacement is arthritis.

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  • Minimally Invasive Total Hip ReplacementMinimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

    Minimally invasive total hip replacement is a surgical procedure performed through one or two small incisions rather than the single long incision of 10–12-inches as in the traditional approach.

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  • Anterior Hip ReplacementAnterior Hip Replacement

    Anterior hip replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. You will lie down on your back, on a special operating table that enables your surgeon to perform the surgery from the front of the hip.

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  • Mini-Posterior Hip ReplacementMini-Posterior Hip Replacement

    Mini-posterior hip replacement is a surgical procedure used to replace your damaged hip with synthetic parts inserted through a small incision made at the back of the hip.

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  • Revision Hip ReplacementRevision Hip Replacement

    Revision hip replacement is a complex surgical procedure in which all or part of a previously implanted hip joint is replaced with a new artificial hip joint. Total hip replacement surgery is an option to relieve severe arthritis pain that limits your daily activities.

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  • Outpatient Hip ReplacementOutpatient Hip Replacement

    Outpatient hip surgeries are mainly targeted at treating the joints damaged by arthritis and injuries. Chronic joint pain due to erosion of cartilage, damage due to accidents and autoimmune diseases, or bone death leading to the destruction of cartilage are also treated with the help of this surgery.

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  • Correction of a Failed Hip ReplacementCorrection of a Failed Hip Replacement

    Reoperation of a total hip replacement to resolve a painful hip condition arising out of a damaged or worn out prosthesis (artificial hip joint) is known as correction of a failed hip replacement. During this corrective surgery, a partial or complete exchange of the prostheses that were implanted during the original surgery is done.

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  • Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) (Hip)Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) (Hip)

    Your surgery may be performed using the Direct Anterior Approach, a minimally invasive surgical technique used in total hip replacement.

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